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The thermal value of the spark plug is usually used to characterize the thermal characteristics of the spark plug.

The thermal value of the spark plug is usually used to characterize the thermal characteristics of the spark plug. The spark plug heat value indicates the balance between the ...

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Construction and thermal characteristics of motorcycle spark plugs

An engine is a device that generates energy by igniting an explosion of a compressed mixture in a cylinder, and the component responsible for ignition in the combustion chamber is a spark plug. In the case where the compression pressure of the combustion chamber is very high and the electric spark is not easily generated, it is possible to ensure reliable ignition, which has a great influence on the starting performance, fuel consumption, acceleration performance, and high running endurance performance of the engine. Since the spark plug is operated under extremely severe conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high impact force, the spark plug must have high temperature resistance and high strength. This requires the driver to have a basic understanding of the spark plug, to properly select the spark plug, and to maintain the spark plug in time, so that your car is in a good state of technology. First, the structure of the spark plug The spark plug is generally composed of a central electrode, a side electrode, a threaded portion, an insulator, a spark plug shell, a joint, a gasket, and the like. The center electrode is an electrode located at the center of the spark plug. The electric power from the high voltage wire is sent to this portion and the spark is generated by the gap between the same side electrodes. The electrodes of the high performance spark plug are precision machined and welded in platinum. In order to be able to quickly discharge a large amount of thermal energy, some of the center electrodes of the spark plugs are also provided with electrode copper sheets inside the insulator. Side electrode: The side electrode is an electrode connected to the threaded portion of the spark plug and is threadedly connected to the ground. Threaded part: The threaded part is mainly used to fix the spark plug and support the side electrode, and also has a heat dissipation function. Different types of spark plugs or the same type of spark plugs are used on different engines. The thread diameter and thread length are different, so the same type of spark plugs will be classified according to different models. Insulator: The insulator has both supporting properties and prevents leakage of electrical energy. In order to extend the insulation distance and reduce the influence of dust and moisture on the leakage between the joint and the spark plug shell, the insulator is designed to have a folded skirt shape. Seal: The main function of the gasket is to provide a good seal between the spark plug and the cylinder when the spark plug is tightened. When the same spark plug is repeatedly screwed on or removed, the sealing effect of the gasket is reduced. The electrode part of the spark plug is the focus of use and maintenance. The shape of the center electrode and the end of the side electrode and the gap formed between the two electrodes are important factors affecting the ignition of the spark plug. 1. Side electrode: The central electrode factor. Therefore, when judging whether the spark plug can be used, first check whether the shape is intact, and check the insulation. The gap is suitable for the gap. Generally, the thickness of the spark plug can be measured by the thickness gauge. Second, the thermal characteristics of the spark plug According to the different thermal characteristics of the spark plug can be divided into cold, warm and hot three categories. The cold spark plug insulator has a short skirt, a small heat receiving area and a short heat dissipating distance, so the operating temperature of the cold spark plug is lower under the same conditions. The hot spark plug insulator has a long skirt, a large heating area and a long heat dissipation distance, so the operating temperature is high. The operating temperature of the warm spark plug is between the cold spark plug and the hot spark plug. In the spark plug product model, the thermal characteristics of the spark plug are usually indicated by Arabic numerals. The number indicating the thermal characteristics of the spark plug is called the heating value of the spark plug. The calorific value is a relative comparison of the thermal characteristics of the spark plug. Among the spark plug models in China, and in the models of NGK spark plugs and ND spark plugs in Japan, the heat value of the cold spark plug is large, and the heat value of the hot spark plug is small. In other words, as the heat value is small to large, the thermal characteristics of the spark plug are gradually cooled by heat.

Spark plug has good insulation and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength

The insulator must have good insulation and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, and can withstand high temperature thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The housing is made of steel. The dimensions of the hexagonal threads of the housing have been incorporated into ISO international standards. The spark plug electrode includes a center electrode and a side electrode with a spark gap therebetween. The size of the gap directly affects engine start-up, power, operational stability and economy. A reasonable gap is related to the ignition voltage. The electrode material must have good resistance to electrical erosion (spark ablation) and corrosion (chemical-thermal corrosion) and should have good thermal conductivity. Between the center electrode and the wiring screw is a conductor glass sealant, which must be electrically conductive, and can withstand the high pressure of the mixture combustion, while ensuring its tightness.

How spark plugs work

The spark plug's board ignites the mixture in the cylinder via repeated continuous power generation. At this point, the rest of the ignition system produces a positive high-voltage electrical pulse that creates a spark and creates the energy needed to provide the engine's power output. The structure of the spark plug is made of a slender metal plate passing through a ceramic material having an insulating function. A metal shell is placed around the lower portion of the insulator, and is screwed onto the cylinder head in a screw manner. The bottom of the metal shell forms a grounding effect with the automobile body by welding an electrode. In addition, the end of the center of the electrode must be separated by a small discharge gap. Then, the high-voltage current from the distributor is conducted through the central electrode and then discharged at the discharge gap at the bottom. At this time, the spark plug functions to generate a spark combustion mixture, and the engine receives energy and outputs power. It can be seen that the spark plug is a device for igniting the gasoline and air mixed gas that enters the combustion of the engine. Under the harsh conditions of high temperature and high pressure, it is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine, and it plays a considerable role in the operation of the engine. The important role is related to whether the car is fuel-efficient or not, and whether the operation is stable.

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